From the President’s Desk

Sri H.C.Balakrishna

President, Janatha Education Society(JES)

Vivekananda Institute of Technology was established in the year 1997 as a comprehensive institute based on new educational concepts. It has inherited the traditions of its predecessors, starting with Vivekananda Degree College, which was founded by the Janatha Education Society in 1982. The philosophy of human resource development rooted in our institute is expressed with the phrase “Education Manifest Perfection, closely interpreted, it emphasizes the need to be kind-hearted to others much like parents and teachers and to have the ability to bring people together, as well as to solve problems rationally. By applying the above phrase, I believe that our mission is the creation of knowledge aimed at finding solutions for emerging global tasks and the making of a future society, including the cultivation of human resources who will take the initiative.
Since its establishment, our institute has aimed to promote constant reforms in order to create a flexible education and research organization as well as a new educational system that would meet the needs of next generation. Even as we have advanced in specialized area of expertise, we have actively developed new cross-disciplinary approaches to education and research. Amid this rapidly changing global society, the functions of a institute need to be restructured and we realise that it is our responsibility to take the lead role in conducting such a reform.

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