Name of the workshop/ seminar/ conferenceNumber of ParticipantsDate From – ToLink to the Activity report on the website
1 Project Exhibition on Virtu Sync :Virtualizing the IOT Experience140+509-04-2023View
2Organising Innovation & Entrepreneurship Outreach Program In Schools/Community150+1031/08/2023View
3 Lean Start up And Minimum Viable Product/Business99+930/08/2023View
4The Session on Innovation and Strat-up Eco System187+1029/08/2023View
5The Session on Skill Development187+1029/08/2023View
6 The Session On Scimagination -Tech-Fest5030/06/2023 To 06/07/2023View
7 Induction Program: World Creativity And Innovation Day-2023200+1008-06-2023View
8 Business Model Canvas(BMC) for Startups-2023200+1008-06-2023View
9 Field Visit To Incubation Unit 47+408-06-2023View
10 How To Plan For Startups and legal &Ethical steps150+2007-06-2023View
11 Workshop On Prototype/Process Design  & Development150+2007-06-2023View
12 Celebration of Intellectual Property Rights Day230+2005-06-2023View
13 Workshop On Intellectual Property Rights & IP Managment for Startup230+2005-06-2023View
14 Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights For Engineers70+1031-05-2023View
15 Exposure Visit To Pre-incubation units at  Jyothy Institue Of Technology Atal Incubation Center(JIT-AIC)4506-03-2023View
16Workshop On Entrepreneurship Skill,Attitude And Behaviour Development69+1027-02-2023View
17Process Of Innovation Development & Technology Readliness Level(TRL) &  Commercialization of Lab Technologies & Tech -Transfer6724-02-2023View
18Webinar/Workshop on Design Thinking Critical Thinking Innovation Design6717-02-2023View
19 Workshop On Organising Innovation &  Enterpreneurship Outreach Program in Schools/Community6716-02-2023View
20Awareness Program On Intellectual Property Rights83+1022-12-2022View
21 Motivational Session by Entrepreneur/Startup Founder180+4029-11-2022View
22Accelerator /Incubation- Opportunities for Students and faculties -Early stage Enterpreneurs53+32+6427/08/2022View
23World Entrepreneurs Day10022/08/2022View
24IPR and IP management for start-ups25+20022/08/2022View
25 “Celebration Activity ” Innovation & Entrepreneurship in HEIs for  Aathma nirbhar Bharat & Celebrating  75 Years of Independence – Azadi ka Amrit Mahatsav80+2508-12-2022View
26Mini Project Exhibition 300+60+4008-06-2022View
1 How to plan for start-up  and Legal & Ethical Steps150+2016/07/2022View
2Scimagination – Technical Fest 90+3027/06/2022View
3 Awareness Programme on Intelluctual Property Awareness Mission72+1505-04-2022View
4Webinar on “Design Thinking :Critical Thinking and Innovation Design “100+3615/03/2022View
5Session on ” Process Design and Development ” .28+626/08/2021View
6World Entrepreneurs Day Celebration14+4+224/08/2021View
1Webinar on “Opportunities for the students & faculties  Early stage Enterpreneur100+2026/06/2021View
2Webinar on “Innovation Driven  Entrepreneur-ship”50+4025/06/2021View
3Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights(IPRs) and Patent Filling Procedure46+714/06/2021View
4Webinar on ” One Day Webinar on  “Startips-Future of India : Plan  for Startup,Legal and Ethical Steps “.100+18+3406-12-2021View
5 Session on Building an Innovation/Product  Fit for Market80+2006-05-2021View
6 Startups in Rebooting  indian economy 29/05/2021View
7Webinar on “Intellectual Property  Rights”100+2026/12/2020View
8Webinar on Roles and Functions of Startup incubator  and Entrepreneurship99+5024/12/2020View
9Session on Identifying Intellectual Property Component at the early stage of Innovation.200+100+4122/12/2020View
1Interaction with student Innovators and Entrepreneurs  emerge from smart India Hackathon50+3022/05/2020View
2Frugal Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship 40+3021/05/2020View
3Use of Market Data and Application of Marketing  Research tools and Methodology increasing Chance of Surveyability  of Innovation and Venture Advance Level  20+1020/05/2020View
4Idea Entrepreneurship Opportunity business Model and business plan 20+1019/05/2020View
5Understanding the Role and Application of marketing Research at Idea to Start-Up Stage foundation level 20+1014/05/2020View
6Legal and Ethical Steps Productive Entrepreneur-ship and Start-Ups20+1005-12-2020View
7Understanding Angel and Venture Capital Funding – What is there for Early Stage innovator & Entrepreneurs20+1005-08-2020View
8Intellectual Property (IP) Management at Early Stage of Innovation and Start-Ups20+1005-07-2020View
9Entrepreneurship,Business Idea and Business Model Canavas20+1005-05-2020View
10Hangout with Successful Startup Founder20+1005-04-2020View
11Hangout with Emerging Innovator & Entrepreneurs Supported through MIC & AICTE.20+1030/04/2020View
12Role and Importance of Pre-Incubators, Incubators, Accelerators in HEI’s – Harnesing Innovation and Enterpreneurial Potential of Students and Faculties at Early Stage20+1029/04/2020View
13National Innovation and Startup Policy for students and Faculty 2019 – A Guiding framework for HEIs for implementation20+1028/04/2020View