II. Metric Level Deviations

Criteria 7

Metric ID

Deviations Details

Findings of DVV

Supporting Documents


The Institution has facilities and initiatives for

  1. Alternate sources of energy and energy conservation measures
  2. Management of the various types of degradable and nondegradable waste
  3. Water conservation
  4. Green campus initiatives
  5. Disabled-friendly, barrier free environment

HEI Input :A. 4 or All of the above

DVV suggested Input :C. 2 of the above

Change Input (Optional):

  1. None of the above

D.1 of the above

  1. 2 of the above
  2. 3 of the above
  3. 4 or All of the above

DVV’s observation: [HEI has shown only two Solar Panels at Mechanical Department and a small Battery Storage of Power Generated from the Solar Pane. However, HEI claimed to use solar water heating systems at hostels.];; HEI needs to provide

  1. geo-tagged photographs of the rain harvesting tank, the dimensions of the tank in meter unit, tender/notice for constructing the tank, date of completion, and expenses incurred highlighted on the balance sheet.
  2. Three geo-tagged photographs, for each installation, from different points of view of the solar panels, and solar water heaters, taken afresh.
  3. HEI needs to provide electricity bills for the campus, highlighting energy consumption for the six months before and after the installation of solar panels.
  4. HEI to provide details of authorized agents that collect e-waste and other various types of non-degradable waste.


Quality audits on environment and energy regularly undertaken by the Institution. The institutional environment and energy initiatives are confirmed through the following

  1. Green audit / Environment audit
  2. Energy audit
  3. Clean and green campus initiatives
  4. Beyond the campus environmental promotion activities

HEI Input :A. All of the above

DVV suggested Input :B. Any 3 of the above

Change Input (Optional):

  1. None of the above
  2. Any 1 of the above
  3. Any 2 of the above
  4. Any 3 of the above

A. All of the above

HEI needs to provide

  1. Geo-tagged photographs (with caption) or videos-links of activities/initiatives facilitating clean and Green in-campus or any beyond-the-campus environmental promotions.
  2. Circular of activities/Notification of activities/Green audit/Environmental audit/Energy audit of the assessment years.