From the Principal's Desk

Dr. K.M Ravikumar

Principal, VKIT


Mobile: +91 76250 13435

In the rapidly evolving and globally oriented markets, there is a heightened demand for well-trained, multi-skilled engineers, and entrepreneurs. The industry competition has intensified, accompanied by elevated standards defining engineering excellence. In 1997, the Janatha Education Society established the Vivekananda Institute of Technology with the mission of providing quality education to students from weaker and underprivileged sections of society at an affordable cost.

Vivekananda Institute of Technology has consistently pursued excellence in both technical and managerial spheres. In the span of 26 years, our proud alumni have secured positions in prominent companies, reflecting our commitment to producing quality  professionals. Emphasizing a holistic approach beyond textbook learning, we empower students with the latest skills, setting high benchmarks in global competition.

Aligned with our institute’s vision and mission, we strive to create an exceptional academic environment, employing a student-centric teaching-learning process, state-of-the-art infrastructure, highly qualified faculties, and fostering a dynamic and disciplined workplace. In response to the swift emergence of technologies and the rapidly changing world, we aim to instil the qualities of leadership and lifelong learning in our students.

I am honoured to extend an invitation to students seeking quality engineering education, as well as academicians, recruiters, and industry professionals. Come and experience the vibrancy of our institution and witness the potential of the future technocrats at Vivekanand Institute of Technology


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