VKIT induction program-2

Induction Program for First-Year Students 2021-22

Department of Basic Sciences and Humanities, Vivekananda Institute of Technology organized Student Induction Program on 15th December 2021 at 11.00 AM at Board Room Using Google Meeting. The event was presided by Advisor Dr. N. Govindaraju, Principal Dr. S. Padmanabha, Dr. D. V. Chandrasekhar (HOD of BSH), and all HODs from various departments.

The Chief-Guest for the event was Dr. Padma Prakash. The event was graced by Advisor Dr. Govindaraju and Principal Dr. Padmanabha S.  Inauguration of the event was done by the Advisor Dr. Govindaraju and Principal Dr. S. Padmanabha, followed by address the speaker by Prof. Devika Devi (Faculty of Physics) and lastly vote of thanks given by Prof. Shilpa (Faculty of Mathematics). The Chief-Guest, addressed the gathering and shared her thoughts and experiences and gave an insight about current issues in the drug audit and importance of the health.

The Induction Program is designed to make the newly joined engineering students feel comfortable, sensitize them towards exploring their academic interests and activities, reducing competition and making them work for excellence, promote bonding between them, build relations between teachers and students, give a broader view of life, and building of character.

When new students enter an Institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and preparations. It is important to help them to adjust to the new environment and inculcate in them the ethos of the Institution with a sense of larger purpose. A 14 days long induction program for first-year engineering students entering the Institution, right at the start has been introduced in 2021-22. Regular classes start only after the induction program. Its purpose is to make the students feel comfortable in their new environment, open them up, set a healthy daily routine, create a bonding in the batch as well as between faculties and students, develop awareness, sensitivity, and understanding of the self, people around them, society at large, and nature. The Induction Program is also helping to overcome the deficiency in communication skills.