Mr.Vijayakumar MSc., MLISc., MPhil., (PhD)
Librarian, VKIT

Professional Experiences:

I have completed more than 20 years of experience as a Chief Librarian at Vivekananda Institute of Technology

My Capability and Efficiency

Good knowledge of Library Administration, Management & Providing High-Tech library Services, in that I knew Library building, furniture, Staff Organizations, Library Committee, Books Maintenance, Serials control, Budgeting, Acquisition process, to conduct Library coordination program for both users and staff, Library Automation, Implementation of Bar-code Technology, Implementation of RFID system, Automated & Bar-code circulation facility, OPAC & WEBOPAC facility, Database Creation, Institutional Repositories, Digital Library, Virtual Library, Website design and maintenance, Maintenance of e-Journals, e-Books, e-Databases, Centralized cataloging service (Union cataloging), News clipping services, Library Call Center facility, e-circular facility, identification of Open Source e-Resources, etc.,