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Dr. Padmanabha S


Principal, VKIT


Mobile: +91 76250 13435

        Education of the highest order aims at training, guiding, inspiring, motivating and leading young men and women in the ever expanding horizon of insatiable thirst for knowledge coupled with the hankering after the ever so near yet ever so far wisdom and enlightenment.

           Preparing ‘world ready’, ‘market ready’ and at conscionable, sensible, morally correct, ethically groomed Candidates is by no means a small endeavor. The daunting task of inspiring young minds, setting their hearts on fire with initial inertia, giving them the sense of direction and purpose, something to live up and live for, giving them the power to act/delegates as agents of change and instruments of progress, is the meaning of the higher education.”

Strong Believer of “DO Engineering MORE than Only Read Engineering”

And “What you are now is Not Good enough to keep you there”

            We here at VKIT, Bangalore as a disciplined, dedicated, determined TEAM to deliver what has been promised in terms of MANDATE to attend the destination to all the Stakeholders with a win-win situation.

               I welcome all students and staff for a memorable learning journey.

                                 Dr. Padmanabha S


About Principal

All education qualifications are from government aided institutions (PESCE Mandya, BVBCTE Hubli and BMSCE Bangalore), 32 years of teaching experience (UG and PG), 10 + years as principal.

Total 23 technical papers in National and International conferences and journals.

Conducted various national technical workshops and seminars for both students as well as faculty.

Completed successfully various roles assigned by university time to time

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