Dr. DV Chandrashekhar Msc, MPhil, PhD
I/C Principal

At Vivekananda Institute of Technology, We value every individual in our care and it is our aim to provide the best possible academic environment in which students can succeed. Our campus has grown from its inception in 1997 to accommodate over 1200 pupils in first-class teaching facilities which are amid beautifully kept surroundings.

We are fortunate to have a talented, highly committed teaching and supporting staff to ensure the learning environment of our students is the best it can be. Our Janatha Education Society provides the fabric with which the tapestry of our students experiences unfolds. Optimism, tradition, inclusiveness, service, compassion, tolerance, hope and faithfulness are the underpinnings of the institution education. It is in this context that our students learn.

Vivekananda Institute of Technology is a vibrant learning community that encourages a three-way partnership between students, parents and the college. The strength of that partnership is reflected in the success of our students.

The likelihood of achieving this is strengthened by the fact that we offer an academic program that includes breadth and depth is rigorous and which can be tailored to individual needs. We encourage high academic standards and have high expectations of personal discipline and motivation from our students. These are the keys to success in life after graduation.