Good Practices of the Department

  1. Take time to make checks and make updates: On a weekly basis we are evaluating how things are going on in the department, whether the syllabus is being covered as planned and also keeping track of the attendance of the students. We also update our documentation regarding this.
  2. Motivation and rewards: On yearly basis we are awarding the toppers in every semester and some faculties are motivating the students with gifts on receiving highest marks in their subjects. Through iTacs(student welfare association) we are regularly conducting technical events and awarding the winners.
  3. Make plans and communicate goals: Every semester beginning we decide the plan of all the events to be held in department. And plan goals regarding the syllabus based on academic calendar and maintaining record of expected results in each subject and communicate all of this through meetings in the department.
  4. Remedial coaching classes:Remedial Coaching classes are conducted for students with poor academic background. This practice helps the needy students to get adapted to the demanding academic environment of the Institute.
  5. Value added programs: Industry relevant training and certifications are conducted for students and faculties through experts from professional fields.
  6. Mentoring and counseling: Every student is assigned a mentor. The mentor does counseling to the students thrice a semester and also whenever needed. They will counsel them regarding their academic performance, personal issues and attendance status. Mentor also maintains record book for each student.
  7. Create a talent community: Through iTacs we are giving opportunity for students to expose their talents and their talents will be recognized and certificates provided for the achievers.
  8. Alumni Association: We are conducting alumni meet every year and through alumni we are giving exposure to  current students in the technical fields and providing job opportunities.
  9. Punctuality: We are practicing punctuality among the students by advising them to attend the classes and labs regularly and also on time.
  10. Recognition and team work: Faculties are recognized for their services on teacher’s day. As a team, department of CSE is moving towards success to become leading department in the college.