The Basic Science and Humanities department is established in the year of 1997. The Department endeavors to integrate humanistic values with academic learning through introduction of relevant and innovative era. Science and Humanities lays down the basement for every budding engineer with the essential brass tacks and vital ingredients of engineering education to make the students help in shaping themselves as conquering engineers in building the nation’s prosperity.

The department contributes to all the core branches in enhancing the prime concepts through the basic sciences viz., physics, chemistry, in the first year and mathematics in the first and second year and hence preparing the students ready to gain the fundamental knowledge of their core engineering branch. The B.Sc. & H department is the real core in shaping students as an absolute engineer and also as a complete man. Basic Science and Humanities having R & D centers in Chemistry and Mathematics recognized by VTU, Belagavi. In order to achieve its goals, the R & D centres promote activities such as: regular talks, courses and seminars; organization of workshops and conferences.



dvc Dr. D.V. ChandraShekar,  Vice Principal & Head of  Basic Science & Humanities Department

Dr. D.V. Chandrashekar received his Ph.D degree from Bangalore University, Bangalore, Karnataka, India in 2004.He is currently working as a Vice-Principal, Professor and HOD in Department of Basic Science and Humanities, Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He is having overall Teaching experience of 19 years in Professional college besides guiding candidates for M.Phil and Ph.D Degree. His major research interests are in Advanced Fluid Mechanics. Linear Algebra and Optimization, Probability and Statistics and Computer Engineering. He has published Research Articles in reputed National and International Journals.

E-Mail id: dvchandru@gmail.com,  Mobile No: +91 9448394326




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