Sententia is a formal writing assistive tool for students and professionals. Sententia helps in cultivating good writing habit.


Good Writing Habit Formation: Don’t just correct my grammar, correct my writing style! Make formal writing a habit.

Customized Learning Materials: Thorough analysis of the individual writing style enables customized learning materials to ensure growth of the individual over a period of time.

How & Why Explained: Explain my writing, and not just fix my output! Tell me with examples, I’ll master!

Domain Specific: Considers domain specific words and phrases to provide context aware analysis results

Analysis Dashboard: Provides document quality indicator, Analytics on the issues found and the Charts depicting the improvements over time.

Publish & Collaborate: Faculties can see consolidated reports like how overall students are improving their formal writing skills and also individual analysis reports.

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Note: If any clarifications regarding Sententia, please contact the Library or HOD.