To become an outstanding Knowledge dissemination centre at the cutting edge of Engineering and Technology to produce globally acceptable competent professionals who will be in the forefront of technological innovations for the benefit of mankind.


  • To provide an excellent infrastructure and conducive ambiance in the Institute.
  • To impart quality technical education combined with ethical values.
  • To produce world class professionals to take up challenging assignments of latest an advancement in technology and engineering.
  • To inculcate attitudes for research and developmental activities.
  • To leave a legacy for development of next level engineers and technologists.


  • Engineering knowledge
  • Problem analysis
  • Design/development of solutions
  • Conduct investigations of complex problems
  • Modern tool usage
  • The engineer and society
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Ethics
  • Individual and team work
  • Communication
  • Project management and finance
  • Lifelong learning