The uniqueness of VKIT is, it is providing a platform to the faculties to share their views and knowledge that they have towards the society or with respect to their interest under the platform called “PROUD VKITIAN” Day on 2nd Saturday of every month.

13th October 2018 at 3.00 PM 

Venue: Seminar Hall-Admin Block


  • Dr. Shaila K, Prof. & Head, Dept. of E & C

Dr. Shaila K, Professor and Head, Department of Electronics and Communication was the Proud VKITian of the month October 2018. Professor presented a topic on “Water is Life Don’t Hit Your Life” under the theme “Utility of Water and its Sustainability for Future” on 13th October 2018 which is essential for any individual including the educational institution. Professor has presented her views about the use of saving the water and highlighted the measures to be taken while utilising the water. Professor discussed about the need for water, usage of water, how the water gets polluted and how to stop the pollution of water, gave tips how to save water in our daily life and conserve the water in the educational institutions; also gave an allusion to all “Just Imagine a day when there is no Water” if water is not conserved. when there is no Water” if water is not conserved.

Professor further highlighted that Rainwater harvesting is a technique considered as a very reliable to conserve water and that the water can be collected from various surfaces and platforms which can be stored in the right way for future use. Professor explained in particular how the water is usually collected from rooftops and other hard surfaces. Professor said that the topic was related to the civil engineering students where they study in detail in the subject “Water Supply and Treatment Engineering”.

Finally, Professor concluded the presentation by stressing the need for implementing the rain water harvesting in every engineering college. At the end faculties and students were made to take the Pledge to save water.

9th June 2018 at 3.00 PM 

Venue: Seminar Hall-Admin Block


  • Vidya A, Prof. & Head, Dept. of ISE
  • K P Nagaraj, Prof. & Head, Dept. of CE

PROUD VKITIAN” our dynamic and enthusiastic principal Dr. M S Bhagyashekar Sir, has welcomed all the faculties, staff & HODs with greetings. Following were the highlights of the day.

Dr. Vidya A, Professor and Head Dept. of ISE, being the First PROUD VKITIAN, presented a topic on “Role of Ranking and Accreditation for Quality Assurance in Technical Education” ,which is essential for any educational institute in the current trend. Professor has presented that the Quality Engineering Education is the development of intellectual skills and knowledge that will equip graduates to contribute to society through productive and satisfying engineering careers as innovators, decision-makers and leaders in the global economy of the twenty-first century.

Professor further emphasized on various agendas which include Criteria Adopted for Ranking Academic Quality, Nature and Scope of Accreditation, Washington Accord, Strategy for planning Engineering Education and Self-Assessment. Finally, Professor concluded the presentation by stressing that, every engineering college should define their quality policy and articulate their commitment to achieve quality in all their activities and implement the policies energetically.

Dr. K.P. Nagaraj, Professor and Head Dept. of Civil Engg.,  the second PROUD VKITIAN,  presented the topic on “Road Safety Measures”which is essential for any individual while to be known while riding the vehicle. Professor has presented his views about road safety by highlighting the measures to be taken while riding the vehicles: Slow down on bends and turn - A very important thing to keep in mind is to become cautious and slow down on the bends and roads. This prevents many accidents. Fall in love with helmets - This is an earnest message to all you bikers, you guys look cool on your expensive two wheelers but please make it a habit of strapping the helmet to your head before mounting your bikes. Make sure the helmet is of superior quality and strapped properly. Never exceeds the speed limit - Another significant safety rule for drivers is to keeping in mind not to exceed the speed limit. Maintain the right distance and Follow the road signs- It is often seen that collisions occur because we do not maintain adequate distance from the vehicle in front.

14th July 2018 at 2.00 PM

Venue: Seminar Hall-Admin Block


D V Chandrashekar, Vice-Principal, VKIT

Dr. D V Chandrashekar, Vice-Principal, VKIT, has presented a topic on “MATRICES”, during PROUD VKITIAN DAY. Professor has presented about the definition of matrices, special matrices, matrix determinants, identity matrices, elementary transformations on matrices and so on.

Professor has further discussed about solutions of system of linear equations with its applications in electrical network, rocket velocity and transportation related problems as well.

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