WC: Science and Humanities

  • Debate, quiz competition held by Science forum ‘INSPIRE’ at VKIT in the month of April, 2017.
  • A one day guest lecture on ‘Quantum dots & nanotechnology’ by Professor Basavaraj Angadi organized by ‘INSPIRE’ in April 2018.
  • ‘Blood Donation Camp’ organized by BSH department on 25th April 2017 at VKIT, Bengaluru
    Short term certification course for students on ‘Water Analysis’ organized by Chemistry department.
  • Dr. D V Chandrashekar organized a seminar on ‘Linear Algebra and its Applications in Engineering” by Dr. R Ashok Rao, former Prof. IISC at VKIT on February 5th 2014.
  • Dr. H B Bheemanna Co-ordinated, an invited talk on “Making of nobel Laureate- Madam Curie” by Professor B A Patil In celebration of International Year of Chemistry 2011

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