Sl No Title Of The Paper Name Of The Author Name Of The Journal Year Of Publication ISBN/ISSN Number
1 Skew Types Mitigating Techniques To Increase The Performance Of Map Reduce Applications Ms. Vinutha J

Mrs. Chandramma R

International Journal Of Emerging Technology And Advanced Engineering


2015 ISSN:


Vol 5,

Issue 02

2 Software Systems For Hydro Meteorological Disaster Modeling And Simulation Study In HPC Platform Ms. Harshitha P

Mr. K C Gouda

Mrs. Chandramma R

International Journals On Research In Engineering Technology And Management 2016 ISSN:

2278 – 0181

Vol 4,

Issue 21



Performance Analysis Of Mobile Node Using Media Independent Handover


Mr. Mohammed Waseem Akram

Mrs. Vanajakshi







ISSN: 2229

Vol 6,

Issue 02

4 Image Mosaicing Based on Homography Mr. Lokanna Kadakolmath


International Journal Of Computer Science And Information Technology Research Excellence. 2016 ISSN:


Vol 6,

Issues 03

5 Java Script Malware Detection On Web Browser Mr. S Suresh Kumar

Ms. Anushree

International Journal Of Computer Science And Information Technology Research


2015 ISSN:


Vol -3,

Issue 02


6 Biometric Based Approach To Enhance Confidentiality In Public Cloud Mrs. Pavithra H C,

Mrs. Savitha G

International Journal Of Recent Trends In Engineering And Research 2016 ISSN:


Vol 02,

Issue 05


7 Emotion Recognition Detecting From Textual Documents, Blogs & Anomalies. Mrs. Lakshmi k

Harshitha K Rao



International Journal Of Advanced Networking And Applications 2016 ISSN:


8 Data Mining Approach For Climate Studies Ms. Kavyashree

Mr. K C Gouda,

Mr. Laskhmikantha

et all


International Journals Information Science & Technology For Sustainability & Innovation 2015 ISBN:



9 Language Independent Content Extraction From Web Pages


Mrs. Chandramma

Mr. Ravindranath

Mr. Raviteja et all


International Journals Of Engineering Research 2016 ISSN:


Vol 5,

Issue 4

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