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Report of Technical Talk on UI Designing” Oct 23, 2016  Sunday Conducted by Department of CSE:

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, VKIT, Bangalore has conducted a Technical Talk on “UI Designing” was held at CSE Laboratory, on Oct 23, 2016. This talk was conducted by Our alumni Mr. Praveen H B, UI Developer at CREDO infotech. The students of Final Year and Pre final year have attended the talk.

Speaker covered the basics of Hyper Text Mark up Language, Cascading style sheet and also bootstrap concept including the complexities of the web page designing. He discussed the achievement of web applications and websites depends on how well the User Interface is designed. Designing a good UI conversely is a very challenging process. There is a selection of User Interface resources that allows you as designer to access, redefine, and produce a well skilled UI design. These techniques are pretty useful for designers either they are going to design a customer’s website or a resell proficient website model. There are a collection of principles for refining the feature of your user interface design.

He took a template of existing website and opened Net beans software and gave live demo on real time web designing project.

He included advanced languages like HTML5, CSS3 along with he listed some important tags and its usage in the talk.

He also covered some of the trends in Web page designing and its requirement to meet today’s challenges.

The talk was attended by around 55 participants from Final year and Pre final year. Feedback was collected after the session from few participants.

Regarding the talk and the speaker

  • Expertise and the in-depth knowledge of the speaker. Overall coverage of the subject.
  • Extremely well organized and well presented information.
  • Expectation was to understand the technical details about the web page designing. Yes, it met our expectations but we felt that it would have been great if the speaker had more time to cover the rest of the topics mentioned in the contents of the presentation.
  • It exceeded our expectations.

Report on

“Expert talk on Cloud computing & Virtualization


Organized by Department of CSE, Vivekananda Institute of Technology

  On behalf of Janatha Education Society in Vivekananda Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science& Engineering had organized an expert talk on “Cloud computing & Virtualization” on 22nd Oct 2016 in new seminar hall.

The expert talk was graced by beloved HOD Prof. Chandramma R, Teaching Professors, Non-teaching Faculties, Dept of CSE, Vivekananda Institute of Technology.

The event started with the Welcome Speech by Mrs. Pragathi M K at the seminar hall. The technical talk started by welcoming the speaker. Pragathi had introduced about the speaker. She handed over the session to Mr. Sobhan Kumar,senior software Engineer,HP,Enterprise,

Bangalore..He started his talk and gave valuable information on Cloud Computing and Virtualization. While discussing, he discussed the today’s working environment at various industry. He discussed the architecture, advantages, disadvantages and various applications of cloud computing for about 2 hours. He also discussed the various questions asked by the interviewer at the time of interview regarding cloud computing. The students thanked the invitee for having delivered a useful talk on the subject. The event was concluded with vote of thanks by Pragathi M K and token of gratitude honored by Head of the Department, Prof.Chandramma R.

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