The EC/TC Association “Abvivakyathi” was inaugurated in 2007 by Dr. D Hemanth, Principal, VKIT. Various activities were organized under this association like technical talks, essay competition, paper presentation. Department magazine was brought out under its banner. Seeing the need of the day and to fill in more passion, we decided to take a small step by filling life with the whole concept of rebranding the Association with a new name, vibrant logo and a dynamic tagline. We could achieve this by the collective support of Principal and with the active participation of students and staff members.

The EC Technical Association was rechristened as Electronic Forum on 19th September 2013. The Logo and Tag Line of the Electronics Forum was developed by Mr. Chethan Sharma P, Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication. The Electronics Forum Logo and Tag Line was unveiled by Mr. Parthiban A, Product Analyst & Promoter EPR Labs, Dr. G K Narayana Reddy, President, JES, Dr. Shankarananda B, Principal, VKIT and Dr. Shaila K, Prof. & HOD, Department of Electronics and Communication. The students who had participated in designing the logo and Taga Line were awarded with prizes. This activity was organized today, followed by a “One Day Workshop on Gadget Making.

Electronic Form Logo


Tag Line : “Look the World Through Eye of Electronics”

The forums ability lies not only in organising events but it also has a far sighted view of creating an electronic passion, fervor among students to innovate new ideas and scale new heights bringing laurels to the Department and institution. As we know the world has become a small family, this is with the help of Electronics & Communication which has brought people closer than before. This is possible only due to many great personalities who sacrificed their life by looking the world through the eye of Electronic thereby making life simpler and easier from letters to e-mail, from analog computer to digital computer , from Pentium processor to Dual and Duo Core processor, from Electric train to Bullet train, electronics has made it’s entry to almost all field.

The eye in logo indicates the ‘Bionic Eye’ or ‘Cyborg Eye’ which makes the blind to see giving a new lease of life, this is possible only with the help of implanting an electronic chip in eye. Thus, through this eye I Dr. Shaila K, Prof. and HOD, call upon the students to look the world through eye of Electronics and discover the fields where Electronics can make things simplified thereby helping the community in the development of society.

Through this forum various events like Symposium, Inter, Intra-Collegiate activities, Quiz, Technical talks by various Eminent personality, to tie-up with the various industries thereby helping students to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies. Forum also initiates and encourages conducting Workshops which helps intellects, academicians and industries exchange ideas and thereby paving way for new design and development.

The Electronics Forum started the VKIT-IEEE Student Branch on 3rd May 2013 and conducted various activities under this branch.